The 7 BEST SALADS in the World

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The subject today is SALAD. I am a voracious salad eater and today will share with you the 7 BEST SALADS IN THE WORLD. All pictures are mine.

1- Goat cheese salad: I am absolutely in love for goat cheese, this is one among the more than 100 goat cheese salads I have eaten in my life. This was somewhere in France, sorry for not remembering...!

Goat cheese salad:

2- Truffled salad: I ate this salad in a "Un jour à Peyrassol", a restaurant specialized in truffles in Paris. As you can see, this salad is the truffle's paradise. If you have never tried truffle, try it. But prepare yourself, the taste is strong. It was a totally unique salad, you should absolutely try it.

Truffled salad:

3- Bulgarian cheese salad: the best of this salad, as you can notice, is that you can't even know what is below the BULGARIAN CHEESE. I Have tried it in Aroma Café, in Tel Aviv, and it's just delicious....! You can also notice that I love cheese...

Bulgarian cheese salad:

4- Caesar salad: in the past my favorite one, now it has lost the position to the goat cheese salad. Still, this salad I ate somewhere in Berlin was just terrific (as you can see it has a lot of caesar sauce and came with a chicken breast on the side).

Caesar salad

5- South African feta cheese salad: this is not the official name of the salad, but as I have eaten it somewhere in South Africa and it has feta cheese on it (one of my favorites), that's the name I gave. It has seeds and pumpkin on it, it was absolutely amazing.

South African feta cheese salad

6- Fuxia's Salmon Salad: in 2015 this was my favorite salad. It contains poached eggs, mushrooms, eggplants, tomatoes, smoked salmon, lettuce, olives and a big cracker under everything. It's from Fuxia, one of my favorite restaurants in Paris. Absolutely amazing!

Salmon Salad

 7- Israeli feta cheese salad: this is today one of my favorite salads, containing my delicious feta cheese, some oily toasts, olive, onions, lettuce and extra bread. Simply perfect...! I ate this salad somewhere in Tel Aviv, I can't remember where...!

feta cheese salad

What are your favorite salads? Please share!!! 

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Luiza S. Rezende
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